Coaching/Mentoring/ Advice


Inspiration – Conseils offers three types of personalized help for individuals: coaching, mentoring and advice.



Coaching is about helping the person concerned to set goals and reach the results. Coaching is particularly appropriate for sensitive or difficult situations both in professional and in private life.

When you feel, undecided or paralyzed by the situation that happens to you, it is wise and necessary to get help, to make the right choices and define the right steps to go foreward. The coach helps you to untangle the complicated situations, to set new goals, to determine and to take the steps to achieve them and to obtain the expected results.

Obtaining the expected results crowns the coaching process. A first session will be used to make a checkup, to identify the problem(s) and to define the components of a work program. It will be agreed together the number of meetings required, then according to the objectives to be achieved, other steps may be discussed and planned if necessary.



The mentoring is essentially an act of transmission of knowledge. In mentoring, the mentor passes his knowledge and shares his experiences to who needs them for their personal or professional development.

Inspiration-Conseils offers this opportunity through regular meetings between the mentor and the person graduating. During a first session will be to identify the different areas where the experience could be transmitted.



The advice goes beyond strict methodological frameworks of coaching and mentoring. They apply to any kind of personal or professional life situation where the advice of an experienced person can be useful.  They give new perspective on a problem, allow to analyse it and to provide ways of solid and long lasting (sustainable) solutions. 


For whom?

Coaching, mentoring, or personalized advice are addressed mainly to those who are looking for support and advice of an experienced person particularly in the case of delicate situations (early career, complexity of the work, heaviness of the responsibilities, conflict, positioning, strategic and operational planning, self-management, etc)


For what?

Topics can range from  leadership, management, effective action, adaptating to and/or the change management, thinking and acting strategically, creating and/or seizing opportunities, developing a sense of responsibility, issues of loyalty, the right attitude against stress, learn, network thinking, learning to communicate etc.





    1 On 20/09/2023

    کلاه فرق هودی و سویشرت است زیرا هودی ها دارای یک کلاه مانند جنس خودشان هستند که
    دارای دو بند می باشند اما سویشرت ها معمولا بدون کلاه تولید می شوند که از این رو مهم ترین تفاوت هودی و سویشرت، کلاه می باشد.

    هودی پنبه ای ریک و مورتی از برند پول
    اند بیر، این هودی پرینت دار با جیب کیسه ای در جلو بسیار
    زیبا و با دوام می‌باشد.

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