Coaching and advice to public and private companies/ institutions.


Who can benefit from coaching or advice and when can they be useful?

The coaching and advice to companies and public and private institutions are particularly aimed to those who are faced with permanent or temporary difficulties such as: organizational, operational and strategic planning, design and implementation of public policies in the areas of responsibility of the institution concerned (for companies and public institutions only), management of financial and human resources as well as in general management.

It may also be that the company or the institution has no particular problem and is not in difficulties but is simply looking for a new breath or new ideas that could bring an outside perspective. Inspiration – Conseils can also be useful.


Which coaching, which advice?

Possible work topics can be:

- Effective structures and processes

- Time management

- The value and utility of the transparency in the management and the conduct

- The principles of decision

-The delegation for a high-performance leadership

- The preparation and conduct of delicate meetings

- The design and implementation of public policies (public enterprises only)

- Analyse and take into account the political context (especially for public enterprises but not exclusively)

- Planning and conduct strategic and operational

- The tactical choices

- The art of negotiation

- The adequate allowance of the financial and human resources.

- Financial management

- The creation and maintenance of trust as a basis of work and success

- The respectful conduct

 - The art of successful recruitment

 - The assignment of tasks according to the skills

- The right composition of the teams

- The change management

-The importance and the adequacy of information and communication

- etc.

A first meeting will allow us, to study the situation, to identify needs and set the topics you want to treat.



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